Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Karrie Brown hopes to dance with Ellen Degeneres

from KSDK News Channel 5:
Karrie Brown's first day of school outfit went viral, resulting in not only thousands of fans but a photo shoot for a national clothing store.
The Collinsville High School Junior has Down syndrome and autism. A self-proclaimed fashion lover and aspiring model, Karrie's favorite store is Wet Seal. Her mother, Sue Brown, posted a picture of Karrie in her brand new threads on the first day of school August 12th and was flooded with responses about how great Karrie looked.

Soon enough, a family friend launched a Facebook Fan page displaying all of Karrie's daily school outfits.
Thousands of people liked the page and within a couple days Wet Seal was calling.
The retailer is flying Karrie out to California next week for a photo shoot.
Karrie is a teen who is constantly giving back to her community. She volunteers at her local YMCA and library branch. She also takes Zumba classes and Hip Hop classes because dancing is her favorite thing to do. Her love of dance has given birth to her ultimate dream -- dancing with Ellen Degeneres -- which has yet to be realized.

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  1. it's about time people come to know that these kids and adults are as normal as we are with just a little bit of twist in it. So happy for this child and I hope she does dance with Ellen