Sunday, August 11, 2013

man with Down syndrome retires from company after 23 years

from the Wicked
After 23 years of service, Randy Dottin is retiring from Houghton Chemical Corporation. Dottin is visually, verbally, mentally and physically challenged. As occurs with most people with Down syndrome, Dottin now suffers from Alzheimer’s, forcing his retirement.
Dottin was employed through the Walnut Street Center, a service for special needs people in Cambridge/Somerville. Over these past 23 years, he became an integral part of the corporation, greeting arriving visitors, emptying the trash, stuffing, stamping and sending mailings. Most importantly he provided a sense of joy and play to what would only have been a business atmosphere. Employees will never forget him leading the chicken dance, Macarena and electric slide in the middle of the office, his consistent marriage proposals to every woman in the office without prejudice of their religion, country of origin or marital status and the joy of playing Simon Says or hide and go seek.
Dottin unified the corporation leading it in singing "Silent Night" at its annual corporate meetings, which he learned from Elvis Presley albums. He is the only employee that hugged the president every morning. His example demonstrated what could be accomplished by addressing others’ own "special" needs. All the staff of Houghton Chemical Corporation are replaceable components of a quality team. Dottin is the only employee who is truly irreplaceable. Dottin graced them with his presence over these years. He will be sorely missed.

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