As parents of children with special needs, we tend to get consumed with day-to-day activities and advocating for our children in their everyday life.  Well, thankfully, we also have some wonderful friends in Washington, DC helping to shape national public policy with the best interest of our families in mind.  Today, we are pleased to welcome one of those amazing advocates to our show.  Susan Goodman is the Director of Government Affairs for the NDSC and she helps us break down some of the important policies on the table and how they affect our families.

Top: NDSC advocates on the Hill this Summer.  Bottom: Susan and her family

We discuss education and IDEA, the ABLE Act, possible cuts to Medicaid and many other hot topics.  Sign up to receive legislative alerts via email or follow Susan on Twitter or Facebook.  When you receive your call to action, follow the instructions – it is easy and really works!  Constituent feedback is the best possible way to reach your legislators.  Be sure to add a paragraph or two to personalize your communications.   Invite your local politicians to your Buddy Walk or DSA meetings to put faces and personalities to the numbers and policies.

Rick’s great story is a letter from a classmate of Mary Margaret Burns, the recently crowned homecoming queen of West Feliciana High School who happens to have Down syndrome.  We hear a lot of stories about individuals with DS receiving these honors – and each one is truly awesome.  It is just as great to hear the kind words of their friends and classmates describing the impact they have on their lives.  Inclusion in schools is working, and not just for the kids with special needs!

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