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Have you downloaded the Down Syndrome Radio Podcast yet? It's a great podcast dedicated to Down syndrome from a dad's point of view. Mark and Jason take you through their personal story as well as bring in special guests on a variety of topics. Down Syndrome Daily is also a contributor to the podcast for current news stories and Rick is a guest commentator on a few episodes! This is valuable because it contains information that will always be out there for people to hear now and again in the future when the time is right.

DSR Episode #33 – Black Day: The Monster Rock Band!

There is a new book out that we think you should read.  It is called Black Day: The Monster Rock Band.  Not only does it have a great storyline and really cool art, but there is a cool song too.  … Continue reading 

DSR Episode #32: Kayla!

We had a super special guest on the show for this episode – Princess Kayla herself!  Fresh from her appearance on the Today Show, Kayla tells us all about it! Some other recent highlights: Kayla travels to the White House … Continue reading 
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DSR Episode #31: Ricki Sabia of NDSC

We spent a wonderful hour with Ricki Sabia, Senior Policy Advisor of NDSC, and got to hear about the following great topics relating to education: Universal Design for Learning – a set of principles for curriculum development that give all … Continue reading 

DSR Episode #30: LuMind Foundation with Dr. Michael Harpold

For those of you who have been living under a rock, there has been some REALLY exciting progress over the last few years in the area of DS research.  Who better to tell us about it than the Chief Scientific … Continue reading 

DSR Episode #29: Potty Training!

    Believe it or not, we actually felt qualified to take this one on ourselves!  Between us we have SIX children successfully trained! First things first – We know how lucky we are that our three children with Down syndrome took … Continue reading 

    DSR Episode #28: Special Guest Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson
    This may sound complicated but Sara explains it all.  Oral Motor Therapy is basically exercise for your mouth to improve speech.  Oral Placement Therapy works on people with lower sensitivity in the mouth to teach them how to form the words correctly...  Continue reading  

  • DSR Episode #27: Inclusive Practices with Michael Remus
  • DSR Episode #26: 321foundation!
  • DSR Episode #25: DS Connect with Lisa Kaeser The new DS Registry will provide huge opportunities to improve the lives of our children! We had the opportunity to speak with Lisa Kaeser about DS Connect which launched in September.  Just listen to the list of potential benefits that will come out of this important new registry...  Continue reading  


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