Thursday, November 21, 2013

NDSC Film Expert Reviews Thor: The Dark World

from the NDSC:

Chess has recently reviewed Thor: The Dark World for our friends at NDSC.  He is especially excited about this movie. Check out his findings below!

NDSC: How many stars would give Thor: The Dark World out of 5 stars for excellence?
Chess’s answer: 5 stars = Awesome Action movie! 

NDSC: What was special about this movie that you enjoyed so much?
Chess’s answer: I really liked the brand new movie theater I saw it in. Did you know Northpoint 12 (AMC) has comfortable red recliner chairs and you can pick your seat online when you purchase the tickets? The movie was better because I saw it in an awesome theater.
NDSC: Which part of the movie did you think was the best?
Chess’s answer: I liked the action parts and was surprised to learn that Thor has a girlfriend.

NDSC: Should our friends at NDSC wait to watch Thor on DVD or is it better to see in the movie theater?
Chess’s answer: Better sound effects in the theater and on the big screen.

NDSC: Final thoughts from Chess on Thor: The Dark World. . .
Chess’s answer: Unexpected sad part so the movie has an emotional side to the action.
*Editor’s Note: Chess reported that his girlfriend (Melanie) gave this movie two thumbs up!

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