Thursday, November 28, 2013

Culinary inspiration from chefs with Down Syndrome

by Beatrice Credi from West:
ChefDown is the first web channel that broadcasts cooking programmes presented by chefs with Down’s Syndrome preparing tasty dishes from around the world. Launched in Spain as a collaboration between Eroski and Down EspaƱa, the web channel has an accessible video menu in which people with intellectual disabilities give step-by-step guides to making various recipes. Armed with aprons, scales and all the tools of the culinary trade, the presenters give tips on how to eat healthily and get a balanced diet – all done in a simple and entertaining style. The initiative has a dual objective: on the one hand it aims to encourage independence and to involve young people to take part in a group activity, seeing as they can then present their own recipes, broadcast them and share them with the ChefDown community. On the other hand, it also seeks to improve the eating habits of people with Down’s Syndrome, a demographic with high rates of obesity and celiac disease. ChefDown even allows users to plan their own weekly menu.

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