Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Black Tie Masquerade Ball for Down Syndrome!

by Bri from Noah's Ups and Downs:
I found out online about a benefit for Down syndrome research that was a black tie masquerade ball in Georgetown.  I had to go.  Not only is it an obvious personal cause for me, but I could visit my childhood friend, Heather, and go to a masquerade ball!  What's not to love about that?

The event was sponsored by Research Down Syndrome and a local family who lost their little boy with DS when he was around Noah's age.  It was at a beautiful old, remolded paper manufacturing company called Powerhouse right in Georgetown.

What surprised Heather and I was the demographic of the crowd.  We had expected older, wealthy people and a very formal affair.  Turns out it was a younger, wealthy crowd.  Still very black tie- beautiful dresses, tuxes, wonderful hor d'oeurves, open bars, valet parking, etc.
View from second floor loft to lower level

Second floor loft area
There was an auction of some very cool items that each went for thousands of dollars but unfortunately the crowd who were not bidding would not quiet down.  It was so loud and hard to hear the auctioneer, it was disheartening for me as it made it feel like some where there to see and be seen, not for the purpose of the event.
Live painter whose painting was auctioned
Live band-Heather's favorite!

The best part of the night for me was meeting the people who work at and are in charge of Research Down Syndrome.  Although it was very hard to hear each other because it was so loud, we had some very nice conversations and hope to keep in touch.  They are doing some wonderful and very important research that will hopefully even help Noah in his lifetime!

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