Thursday, March 21, 2013

DSR Episode #19: Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

We got the band back together for a quick roundup of events happening in celebration of World Down Syndrome Day on 3/21.  Much like the podcast, this write up is going to be short and sweet.

To celebrate, you can:
  • Attend (either in person or virtually) the World Down Syndrome Day Conference at the UN in New York.  Our tireless superhuman cohort, Rick, and his amazing daughter, Kayla, will be there.
  • This year’s conference theme is “Right To Work”.  Check out this awesome video and share it in all of your social spaces.
  • Wear lots of socks to get people talking and raise awareness for Down syndrome.
  • Learn about the research programs and clinical trials in the DS Cognition Research 101: An Introduction webinar put on by DSRTF.
  • Support cognition research by donating to DSRTF and have your donation matched three to one.  Only on March 21, your $100 donation becomes $400 in celebration of World Down Syndrome Day!!
  • Do something in your local community.  There are tons of events happening all across the globe!
  • Lobby Google to use the World Down Syndrome Day Google Doodle on March 21st.
  • Get the word out to all of your friends through your social media connections.
  • Keep an eye on for a guest post by someone you may recognize.  :)
Most of all, make your voice heard.  The best way to raise awareness is to celebrate the people in your life who have Down syndrome.  Show the world what it means and how people with Down syndrome play a vital role in our communities.
Happy World Down Syndrome Day!
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