Sunday, March 31, 2013

Egg-ormous! Easter Chocolate Treat Goes for Record

by Bryan Llenas from Fox News Latino:
Talk about a sugar high. 
A 19.685-foot-tall Easter egg made of 9,920 pounds of hand-made chocolate could become the world's largest when completed in Miramar, Argentina.
In other words, the chocolate behemoth will weigh as much as a large hippopotamus, three Volkswagen Beetles, or 450,000 eggs in a huge bowl.
"We are hoping to enter the Guinness Book for the biggest egg in the world made of chocolate," Carlos Pagilardini, director of the Miramar region tourism office, told AFP. "There is already a bigger one but it is made of metal and wood. This one is totally chocolate."

Pagilardini said this is the first time anyone has ever attempted to make an Easter egg entirely out of chocolate and from scratch. No machinery has been used in the process – the chocolate is made entirely by hand.
Currently, the Guinness World Record title for the "world's largest chocolate Easter egg" goes to Le Acciaierie shopping center in Cortenuova, Italy. That chocolate egg weighed 15,873 pounds and was over 34 feet tall, and was 64 feet at its widest point. But it was supported by a wood frame.
The chocolate egg is currently being cooked and assembled underneath a tent by a team of 30, mostly kids with Down syndrome, in the middle of the summer tourist resort town 280 miles south of Buenos Aires. The head chocolate chef has worked with special needs kids at the Centro de Dia Crede, an institute for kids with special needs that is dedicated to helping kids learn to read and play sports. 
The chocolate giant is made up of two cross shaped chocolate structures up to 10 feet long, and another shaped like the letter X, to form an octagon which gives the egg its structure and strength.
The kids, who work in 68 degree temperatures to prevent the chocolate from melting, work in two teams of 12. Each team is led by three gastronomist experts. The entire process has been video- taped 24 hours a day since it began on March 1.
Regardless of whether or not they reach the record weight for a chocolate egg, Pagilardini said, the company will give out 35,000 pieces of the chocolate on Sunday, which they claim would break another world record.
In what looks to be the beginning of a tradition, this is the fourth year the town has created a gigantic chocolate Easter egg.

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