Thursday, March 21, 2013

DSRTF: 1PM EST Webinar and 3:1 donation matching on 3/21

Your Donation Matched 3:1 on 3/21

We're thrilled to announce that In celebration of World Down Syndrome Day, your donations on March 21 will be matched three to one — your $100 becomes $400, your $500 becomes $2000, and so on. This is an incredible one-day opportunity to maximize your impact on the progress of research. Plan your gift now, then donate on WDSD to take advantage of this chance to help speed science to a future of improved cognition and greater fulfillment for our loved ones with DS!

World Down Syndrome Day Webinar

Scientists used to think the intellectual disability conferred by Down syndrome was too complex to treat. But thanks to the enormous strides researchers have made, we now believe that it's not only possible to improve cognition through drug treatment, but that the goal of improved learning, memory, and speech for people with DS may be within reach.
Join us for this special World Down Syndrome Day event, when we introduce the basics of cognition research, discuss current research initiatives, and report on clinical trials now underway. Presenters from DSRTF and Roche, the global health care company, will offer an informative, accessible presentation appropriate for those new to the topic, and will answer audience questions as time allows.  Register now for this event, and join us on Thursday, March 21 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET as we share the promise science holds for our loved ones with DS.

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