Saturday, January 26, 2013

Perscription for a Pet PigL "Twinkie" helps boy with Down syndrome

A South Florida family went hog wild, after they were allowed to keep their pet.
"She calms him down when he's very agitated," said Heather Ray. "He does get very agitated easily. She helps as a calming effect to him. She gives him the acceptance that not all special needs people really get in our society unfortunately."
She is six pounds and totally house broken. She uses the kitty litter and is fully equipped with a tail that wags, and now she is an official emotional therapy animal for her pal Kason, who was born with Down Syndrome.
"I think that's the most important thing for me as a mother," said Ray, "To see him get that unconditional love and acceptance."
A dog or a cat were out of the question because Kason's dad has severe allergies. Miniature pigs however are hyper-allergenic.
Two months ago, the fight started at City Hall. "City ordinance does not allow pigs as pets," said City Attorney, Bob Goehrig. "Pigs are considered live stock."
Two months later, the threat of $500 a day fines is finally gone thanks to a doctor's prescription for a Juliana pig, Twinkie can officially stay.

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