Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boys 6 and 7, Stand Up For Sisters with Down Syndrome

Screen shot of the Facebook video: "Hollis Boys, 6 and 7, "Speaking up for our sisters" against hate"
Two young boys in Illinois took it upon themselves to stand up to bullies in a video that has gone viral on Facebook.
Posted to Facebook and YouTube in September of 2012 by Everyone Matters, at, a "global inclusiveness campaign" that fights for equality, the video titled "Hollis Boys, 6 and 7, "Speaking up for our sisters" against hate," has spread world-wide. 

It stems from an April, 2011 vandalism of the family car and home, when hateful messages were spray-painted one night, because two daughters in the family have Down Syndrome.
Since the video was published online, has spread on Facebook through 365,000+ likes and over 150,000 shares.

(editor's note: video contains graphic language spray-painted on house)

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  1. Great video! It gives the best message keep up the good a mom of a down syndrome son.. Stay bless