Sunday, January 6, 2013

surprise gift for man with Down syndrome

from by Alan Marsden:
A Christmas wish for an iPad is giving a young man with Down Syndrome the gift of speech.  Matthew Levert, 26, and his family were surprised by Santa Sunday evening during a dinner at Applebee's in Chico. It was put on by a non-profit from New York called  "Gifts From the Heart for Downs." In addition to granting his wish for an iPad the organization gave Matthew $200 worth of iTunes music. The iPad will be used to help Matthew communicate with others by improving his reading, writing and speaking skills. Lacey Levert, Matthew's sister says "When he heard Santa say his name, he was looking around like what... And then when he saw it, his eyes lit up. It was so well worth it, so well worth it. I can't put it into words how grateful my mom and I are"
"Gifts From the Heart for Downs" was created by, and is run by a single mom with two children who have Downs Syndrome.  The group has granted 64 wishes to people with Down Syndrome all over the country since it began in 2010.

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