Monday, January 21, 2013

Student with Down Syndrome Crowned Homecoming Queen

kara marcum

by Adm Hammond from WREG News Channel 3:
You can tell by her shoes Kara Marcum loves sparkly things, and Friday night Kara may trade in those sparkly shoes for a shiny tiara if she is elected homecoming queen.
The Bolivar High senior class is rallying around this special needs student by voting her to the homecoming court.
Kara told News Channel 3 she is happy and excited about the honor.
She says her dress is black but the other details are still a secret.
Caleb McKinney is Kara’s escort for homecoming court.
“She makes everybody’s day better and this is just giving back to her I guess because she deserves it,” said McKinney.
He says she brings the entire school together, and the fact that she’s on the homecoming court shows the school’s kindness and acceptance.
“I feel really privileged and blessed to be a part of this because she’s just a great person, and I wouldn’t want to walk out anybody but her,” said McKinney.
Kara’s teacher Angela Galloway says her sense of humor, charm and positive attitude got Kara the votes and made her a role model for other students.
“She just brings everyone together and it’s great to see everyone embrace her no matter what’s going,” said Galloway.
Kara tells News Channel 3 she would be excited if she won the crown, and it would complete this homecoming fairytale for her.

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