Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Young man with Down syndrome gives special prayers that are shared by his mother

by D.Beeksma from God Discussion:
A young man with Down syndrome named Charlie has been giving special prayers for the world and his mother, through YouTube videos, is doing what she can to share his spiritual messages.
According to his mom, Jannirose, Charlie began receiving what he calls "prayers from God" when he was 13.  He is now almost 20. Ever since the first one, he has dictated his words and his mother has recorded them in a notebook.  He told his mother that the reason people are born with Down syndrome is to bring a "spirit of joyness."
Charlie's messages speak of forgiveness, kindness and love.  "I know that we're in a time when the world needs so much love, and it feels like the perfect moment for his [Charlie's] message to come forth," his mother says.

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