Tuesday, January 8, 2013

woman with Down syndrome Charlotte Gregory sings at Lincoln College ceremony

Charlotte Gregory

The parents of a woman who was not expected to live past the age of five watched proudly as she starred in a song and dance routine.
Charlotte Gregory, 22, who has Down's syndrome, was among 150 students with learning difficulties or disabilities to collect awards in a ceremony at Lincoln College.
When Charlotte was born, her parents were told she would never walk or talk.
But she sang Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Last Christmas and Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree in a 16-strong chorus at the event.
The former Queen's Park School pupil, who collected her commendation in skills for independent living and work, said: "It was wicked to be up there performing.
"I was singing in the group in front of so many people, but I wasn't frightened."
Mum Sandy Gregory, 57, of St Peter's Avenue, Boultham, Lincoln, said she was "so proud" of performing arts student Charlotte.
"It was amazing," she said.
"I did not think in a million years that she would stand up in front of so many people and sing and dance her heart out.
"We were told she would never get to five – look at her now."
Dad Mick Gregory, 51, who works for Lincoln Audi, said: "I thought she was excellent.
"She was doing hairdressing before but did not settle.
"When she started doing dancing and acting I was not sure at first but now I think she's doing really well."
Charlotte's learning support assistant Nina Cook said watching the performance made her feel like a proud mum.
"It was a happy occasion for everyone involved," she said.
The E2EE awards ceremony on December 20 marked students' achievements in sport, drama, construction, retail, care, hair and beauty, car mechanics, hospitality, horse care and horticulture.
Katey Bishop-Wilson, coordinator of skills for working in performing arts and tutor, said: "Many of these students have overcome so many difficulties in their lives.
"Even coming to college has not always been easy for some of them.
"But by coming here, they have had the opportunity to succeed, whether that's improving upon their social skills or gaining employability skills and getting out there and achieving."

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