Friday, January 4, 2013

#MyGreatMoment - tweet milestones to @NDSS & celebrate!

At NDSS, we share your pride when someone with Down syndrome reaches a milestone. We know that every moment is worth celebrating! As the new year begins we invite you to tweet @NDSS and include #MyGreatMoment so we can all celebrate together. Here are some examples:

@NDSS Kindergartener Malea loves sight words and started writing her first name! #MyGreatMoment

@NDSS Self-Advocate & College Student Kayla got an A- in Speech, B in Sign Language & an 87 on her Math final this semester! #MyGreatMoment 

@NDSS 6 month old Jackson smiled at his daddy! #MyGreatStory 

@NDSS Self-Advocate and High Schooler Joy took part in the local American Legion Tree Lighting in his ROTC uniform. #MyGreatMoment

@NDSS Brody, age 4, can recite the entire Pledge of Allegiance by himself. #MyGreatMoment

@NDSS Self-Advocate Ian Amsterdam served as a sign language interpreter during a Hanukkah service in NJ. #MyGreatMoment
@NDSS Nina just said "I close the door" - 4 word sentence for my 4 year old! #MyGreatMoment

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