Thursday, January 31, 2013

woman with Down syndrome accidentally called radio station bullied by DJ

A 30-year-old woman with Down syndrome accidentally called into a radio show and her family says the bullying that followed was unacceptable. Kellie Baker mistakenly called the The Mo Show on Q92 in Alliance on Jan. 21 looking to speak with her friend, Kelly Ann Burkhart.


Part of the conversation she had with DJ Mo went something like this:
Mo: You what, the who, the where?
Kellie: I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.
Mo: You what?
Kellie: OK. I want to talk to your daughter. Kelly Ann Burkhart.
Mo: Eh, Uh…  I don’t want to come across-- obviously you have some sort of a speech impediment.
Kellie: Uh… No, this my voice.

Mo: Alright, you want to talk to--- do you know you called a--- [coughs]. Pardon me. Do you know you called a radio station?
Kellie: No.
Mo: Oh yes, you called a radio station.
Kellie: Oh yes I did, yes I did. I’m sorry.
Mo: OK, yes, well now you know you called a radio station.
Kellie: Yes I did.
Mo: Yes you did.
Kellie: Sorry about that.
Mo: Yes you did, yes you did. Yes, you’re talk to Mo. Do you know who Mo is?
Kellie: No.
Mo: You don’t know who Mo is?
Kellie: No.
Mo: OK, so I can laugh at you and you won’t know who to call and say you‘re offended. (laughs) Very good.
--- ends phone call----

WEB EXTRA: Click below to hear Q92 call between DJ Mo and Kellie Baker
Instead of Mo just explaining to her that she has the wrong number, he decides to poke fun at the woman. (You can read the full transcript here:

Later, a listener, who said she was a medical professional, called into the show and alerted Mo that Kellie may be deaf or suffer from Down syndrome. That's when Mo complained about how hard his job is in order to gain the support of his listeners.

Kellie's family doesn't want Mo fired, rather to raise awareness about the disease. In a prepared response, the radio station made the following statements:
Q92 and The Mo Show would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm its support of efforts to raise awareness regarding the challenges faced by people with developmental disabilities.  Specifically, the station wishes to sincerely apologize again for any actions or comments that could be construed as making light of the challenges faced by persons that are developmentally disabled or casting those persons in any humorous light.  The station’s policy is to treat our callers and listeners with the utmost respect, professionalism, and sensitivity.

Q92 and Ms. Baker’s family have been in communication since the call aired on January 21 with the goal of raising awareness regarding the challenges faced by people with developmental disabilities.  When contacted by the family on January 22, the station immediately apologized and reiterates its policy of treating all callers and listeners with the utmost respect and professionalism.  The station has engaged with Ms. Baker’s family in an effort to work in conjunction with Natalie Lupi, superintendent of the Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities and Bill Green, superintendent of the Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities to discuss opportunities to collaborate in raising awareness towards people who are developmentally disabled.  Q92 is committed to continuing to work with Ms. Baker’s family and these important community organizations to promote these goals.
What do you think about the interaction after listening to the conversation? Did Mo go too far, or do you think he didn't know the person on the other line had a disability? Tell us your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. This DJ Mo's apology is as fake as they come. He is only sorry this got so much attention and the station lost advertising revenue. Mo has done this several times before, during his illustrious "career."

    He thinks violence against women is funny. His comments were so extreme over 100 people staged a ptotest outside the station, forcing the station to issue an apology.

    Six months later, he was fired, for extreme sexual content. He also got his boss fired.

    His boss (The General Manager) where he works now, at Q92, is no better. His radio station made national headlines in 2006 for mocking the disabled.

    Both of them should never be allowed near a radio station again.