Thursday, June 21, 2012

Family makes bucket list for baby with only weeks left

He’s not even two years old but he is already checking things off his bucket list: from the simple stuff like petting a puppy and riding a bike, to drinking a beer with his dad (root beer of course, in honor of his 21st month birthday) and getting a speeding ticket for going too fast in the hospital.
Ryan Roberts' parents want him to live his life to the fullest; he was born with Down Syndrome and a heart defect and has little time left.
When doctors told them there was nothing else they could do for Ryan’s heart, they stopped his supportive cared and declared him a DNR -- Do Not Resuscitate. Diane Roberts took to her Facebook page to let out her frustrations.
“People kept asking, ‘What can I do for you?’ We didn't want anything,” she tells HLN. “We didn’t want the people to bring stuffed animals and balloons. His room is filled with balloons. “
Her suggestion was a simple one: “I said, just go create a memory with your kids. Just go put a banana split down in front of your kids for dinner and watch their faces light up. No chicken, rice and broccoli tonight, just ice cream. They're going to remember that forever.”
Her friend launched a Facebook event called "Ryan's Banana Split Party," asking people to fulfill Diane's wish. And what started with just a handful of friends quickly exploded to almost 20,000 people, who have pledged to hold their own banana split parties in Ryan’s honor.
“It's so crazy how this all started,” she says. “I said something to one person about having a banana split with your family and about two weeks later there are 18,000 people on the Facebook page.”
Families from around the country have posted messages of support along with pictures of their ice cream parties. You'll see McFlurrys at a McDonald’s in Texas, banana splits on the last day of school in Vermont, Dippin’ Dots in Pennsylvania  -- and on and on. It’s hard to scroll through and not get a little teary-eyed at the overwhelming support from all of these people who have been touched by Ryan’s story.
If you've been inspired and want to send your support to Ryan's family, it’s easy to do. Find Ryan’s Banana Split Party on Facebook and upload your words of encouragement and pictures right there on the wall.

By Gordon Loesch/NBC News:
A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania family faced with a difficult decision is hoping people across the world will be inspired by their 21-month-old son.
Ryan Roberts was born with Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect.
Doctors recently gave Ryan only weeks to live, but Ryan's parents said they're making the most of every minute.
Inside Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, where Ryan has spent most of his life, his parents are making sure the little boy gets to experience some simple joys like petting a puppy, finger painting, having a beach party and riding a bike.
Ryan's bucket list gained international attention on Facebook after a friend of the family created a page for "Ryan's Banana Split Party."
Diane and Erik Roberts said they have received photos of people having a banana split in honor of Ryan from across the country and around the world.
Almost 5,000 people agreed to attend the party.
"I wanted people to just not take tomorrow for granted and go home and create a memory with your children where you just have a banana split for dinner," said Diane Roberts.
The outpouring support from family, friends and perfect strangers has helped the Roberts through a difficult time.
Diane and Erik Roberts said they recently made the heart-wrenching decision to sign a do not resuscitate order.

"We just call him Superman because everything he's been through. It just shows a pretty incredible amount of strength," Diane Roberts said. "Nobody is giving up on him. Nobody gives up on him. But they just know when he's suffering. It's just not fair."
The blood flow to Ryan's heart is too much, leading doctors to believe that the little boy only has weeks to live.
Ryan was only given a 10 percent chance of being born alive, and his parents said he wasn't expected to survive his last surgery.

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