Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Breakfast at Tim's Place: hug #41,407

Started my day at the World's Friendliest Restaurant! Tim's Place! Oh Yeah!

This is my second time visiting and Tim's Place is awesome! As a parent of a child with Down syndrome this place is like a temple of inspiration. I feel really lucky to have experienced the Denver convention and now Tim's Place (
Oh, and I had the huevos rancheros with green & red chili for breakfast and it was fantastic :-)

Now just waiting to get a hug and this special morning will be complete...

I guess that makes me hug #41,407!

I finished my morning with Tim's dad who was incredibly friendly and he was genuinely interested in my daughter and how she's doing. He reminded me to think outside the box when it comes to our kids' future and that they can do anything...

The Harris family is awesome and what they created is inspiring and wonderful.

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  1. So nice - Perfect example to always go for it! Reach for the stars in life! Thank you sharing this with your readers. It made my day.