Friday, July 5, 2013

Student with Down syndrome makes history at Lee University

CLEVELAND, TN (WRCB) - Lee University student Corey Moore is making big waves.
"A doctor that was kind of ignorant told me your son is probably never going to walk or talk," says Krisi Moore. | Chattanooga News, Weather
Moore introduced us to her son Corey, who is not only walking and talking, but in the gym two days a week working a part time job. If that isn't enough, he's the first ever student with down syndrome at Lee University.
"Well it's better than laying around the house," says Corey.
Groundbreaking yes - but no big deal if ask Corey.
"Down syndrome is just an extra chromosome. I'm no different than anyone else."
Different only in the way he chooses to tackle life.
"He keeps on trucking. He's got that attitude, the 'I'm gonna get up in the morning; I'm gonna go and conquer it.' He's taught me a lot," says Moore.
He saw his siblings graduate college.
"He always said 'Mom, why can't I go to college? I'm older than they are, why can't I go to college?'"
The Moores did their research and found that Lee University was working on a grant to give special needs students the chance. 
"He finished his first college class last week and if the school can maintain funding, he'll start Bible college in August," says Moore. "His dreams are coming true; he shows me that don't ever give up."
"I just keep on going, don't give up," says Corey.

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