Thursday, April 14, 2011

Down Syndrome Pregnancy

Down Syndrome Pregnancy provides a free downloadable practical guide for expectant moms, Diagnosis to Delivery: A Pregnant Mother’s Guide to Down Syndrome. They also host an interactive blog, which gives expectant parents a place to ask questions, voice concerns, and receive feedback. is a non-profit organization that offers support to expectant parents who have received a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis and are moving forward with their pregnancy. 

About the Book
This publication goes beyond just being a very useful resource for couples; it also has a very human side that comes through openly and compassionately. This book points out many important thoughts that I express to my patients. First and foremost, what others think about a particular situation is not as important as what each individual couple believes and needs to worry about. There are resources available to reach out to for support, education, and information … The more information that a couple has, the better prepared they are to make it comfortable and enjoyable for their family. — Dr. Harish Sehdev
Reviewed by the following nationally recognized team of professionals:
Dr. Brian Skotko, MD, MPP, Clinical Genetics Fellow at the Children’s Hospital Boston and author of multiple books and articles about Down syndrome; Advisory Panel National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC); National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) Secretary; Chair of Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress (MDSC).
Dr. Harish Sehdev, MD, perinatologist; Director, Prenatal Diagnosis Unit at Pennsylvania Hospital; Former Director of Labor and Delivery at Pennsylvania Hospital.
Dr. Joann Richichi, DO, OB/Gyn and author of 9 Months to Go: What You Need to Know.
Dr. Kan Hor, MD, cardiologist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, a leading facility in pediatric cardiology.
Dr. Sarah Riddle, MD, IBCLC, FAAP and Dr. Sheela Geraghty, MD. MS, IBCLC, FAAP, physicians at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital who specialize in breastfeeding.
Amy Allison, Executive Director of the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City and Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action Board Member.
Mark Leach, Esq., Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action Informed Decision-Making Task Force Leader; Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action Board Member; Down Syndrome of Louisville Board Member. Father of Juliet, a little girl with Down syndrome.
Melissa “Missy” Kline SkavlemDown Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati Board Member; Board Moderator, Baby Center’s Down syndrome pregnancy on-line support board. Mother of Violette Skavlem, a little girl with Down syndrome.

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