Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Politics of Down Syndrome


Kieron is father to Tanzie (aged 6, who has Down syndrome). He was in the audience at a Frankie Boyle show, and was surprised to hear stereotypes of people with Down syndrome peddled as humour, an altercation took place during the show, and afterwards his wife Sharon wrote a blog about the evening, which resulted in major press coverage.

Are we a more accepting society than ever before? Is there still a 'them and us' division between the disabled and 'everybody else'? The Politics of Down Syndrome looks at how we got to where we are, from the racist roots of its identification to the search for a blood test to screen for the condition today. Down syndrome is the most common form of learning disability, shared by all classes and races, yet it's one we rarely address our feelings about, head on. This book, direct and questioning, takes a view about where we go from here and the opportunity for society to fully enjoy the benefits of being inclusive.
Fascinating - at last a concise, well written examination of Down's syndrome which not only presents a historical perspective and political analysis but has the added advantage of deriving from personal experience.
Andy Merriman, Writer and broadcaster, co-author of BBC Radio 4 drama Minor Adjustment
This is a timely book that is as important as it is unusual. The 'problems' of people with Down syndrome are often discussed – less so those of the world they find themselves in. Political decisions that profoundly affect (or even prematurely end) the lives of people with Down syndrome are taken by policymakers with little knowledge of the condition and almost always without asking people with Down syndrome what they think. This book highlights many of the prejudices behind these decisions, and many of their consequences. In so doing, it provokes a debate that is urgently needed – one that is not just about Down syndrome but about human differences, human diversity and the defence of individual human rights.
Frank Buckley, CEO Down Syndrome Education International.
Author Information:
Kieron is father to Tanzie (aged 6, who happens to have Down syndrome) and was recently involved in the incident with comedian Frankie Boyle. He is MD of The Book Depository, the UK's largest specialist online bookshop.
Kieron is a Trustee of Down Syndrome Education International the world's leading academic research based Down syndrome charity all royalties from the book will be donated to the charity.

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