Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tim Shriver on Bill Maher

Tim Shriver talks with Bill Maher about the following topics:

  • people with disabilities are the largest population discriminated against in the world (300 million people globally)
  • 95% of disabled children outside of the US do not go to school or are not allowed to go to school
  • children with disabilities are 3x more likely to bullied and average length is over 1 year
  • change the public behavior by civil rights movement of the heart - work together & play together
  • special olympics sponsors 40,000 events a year to bring people together
  • address the blind spot when people look the other way when change is needed
  • Ben Stiller in Tropic Thunder - there's a line between laugher and causing pain
  • people are fighting and trying to fit in and not to be excluded; picking on them crosses the line into mean
  • don't be a cop on poor public behavior be a teacher for the public
  • people with disabilities tell us that the R-word word causes us enormous suffering
  • language is living and we can grow and change
  • Rosa's law- what you call people effects how you treat them
Take a minute to watch this inspiring clip with the CEO of Special Olympics, Tim Shriver.

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