Saturday, April 16, 2011

Becky gets a boyfriend on Glee

From the NDSC:
At the NDSC convention last year in Orlando, the National Media Award was presented to the television show, Glee, for its inclusion of actors with Down syndrome in meaningful roles. We watch with anticipation each week to see if Lauren Potter as cheerleader Becky Jackson, and Robin Trocki as Sue Sylvester's sister, Jean, will make an appearance. And each time they do, we cheer them on!

In an upcoming episode, we'll have a new character to get excited about! Self advocate Luke Spinelli will appear as Becky's boyfriend, Jared. Luke and his mom, Karen, attended our Sacramento convention in 2008, where they learned about DSA of Los Angeles' casting liaison service. Hooray to Luke and Gail Williamson at DSALA and to the NDSC convention and the connections made there!

FYI, Lauren Potter will be a speaker at the convention in San Antonio this summer! Registration is now open. Visit the NDSC website for more information.


  1. But Glee doesn't respect Lauren Potter's character at all! She was lovely when she first came in, but since then:

    *She's not actually a cheerleader, but Sue's personal assistant. She's actually in Sue's office when other kids are in class!

    *She's been DRESSED UP AS A DOG and told to steal christmas presents. Seriously.

    *In the last episode, she was manipulated into joining a "heckling club" and then her confusion was turned into comedy. She then mocks and degrades (basically bullies) the glee concert because she's told to.

    Glee has used this girl's disability for distasteful comic effect again and again. I shudder to think what 'comedy' her boyfriend will bring. Lauren Potter is an amazing actress and such a sweet person - I don't know why she's putting up with a role where she is constantly degraded.

  2. Ok...seriously? She was dressed as a dog because they were doing an interpretation of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." I assume you are also upset that they made a lesbian dress up as the Grinch. Come on, it's comedy. Lauren Potter is playing a part. You don't see people up in rage because they make the character of Brittney appear dumb and unitelligent.

  3. I like Becky in Glee. I think the prom episode is sweet.

  4. why didn't they showed him on glee?or when will he come to the show?

  5. usually becky is an great character, but they could give her some more positives scenes..:)

  6. I love Becky. I also love people with down sindrem. But Becky is sweet and they make her swear and honestly I feel like that ruined that how sweet she really was. Her personality is adorable. There's so much negativity for her roll and it's sad. She shouldn't have to go through with that. Other than that I love her on glee*:)

  7. Was it distance? Whatever the reason for the break up, the first thing you want to do is recognize what it was. You won't be able to fix anything if you don't even know what the problem to make him regret losing you