Thursday, November 8, 2012


American Association of People with Disabilities
Power Up!

  Today is our Action Day for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The opposition has stated that the disability community is uninformed and does not really support the disability rights treaty. We are being significantly outnumbered by the opposition on calls and contacts via social media. We need every U.S. Senate member to be contacted and to know that the disability community is leading the movement for U.S. ratification of this international disability treaty and our voice matters! Have your friends, family, and work colleagues make calls, Tweet and Twitpic, email, and Facebook today to show support. 
CONTACTS: You can find phone and email contact information for your senator here and Twitter IDs for your senators here (Tweet using #CRPD #UNCRPD)  
Tell your Senators:
  • I am a person with a disability and I want to see the senator vote in support of the CRPD this year!
  • The CRPD will not cost the Federal Government any additional funds.
  • The CRPD has been reviewed by both Republican and Democratic Attorneys General and by past Counsel to Presidents. They confirm that it does not threaten the sovereignty of the U.S., nor does it require any new legislation to comply with the treaty. 
  • This treaty is good for American business and for the world. It will allow us to bring our knowledge of making a society accessible to the whole world.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - This treaty is very important to the U.S. disability community! Following U.S. ratification of the treaty, U.S. leadership will help raise accessibility around the world, directly helping Americans with disabilities who live, work, or travel abroad.  
Sample Tweet : @(SenatorID) Support the #CRPD #UNCRPD in 2012! This is a #disability issue and we say vote YES!
Sample Twitpic: Click here, or on the image below to see the sample Tweet.
 Susie Richard holding a, "Vote Yes on CRPD in 2012!" sign.

Want more information about the treaty? CLICK HERE

Interested in why the CRPD is important to parents of children with disabilities? LISTEN HERE

Add your organization to a list of over 275 U.S. disability organizations that support the CRPD CLICK HERE

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