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Voting Resources for People with Disabilities

Voting with a Disability, resources from Nonprofit Vote .org:

Below you will find links to voting with disabilities from national organizations.

Disability Vote Project: American Association of People with Disabilities
The AAPD Disability Vote Project (DVP) addresses the fundamental inequalities faced by voters with disabilities, and works in a nonpartisan approach to ensure full accessibility to all polling places and voting equipment.
DVP’s work:
  • Eliminating barriers to voting
  • Promoting voter turnout in the disability community
  • Ensuring that voting the voting machines in production are accurate, accessible, and secure
  • Growing disability vote coalitions across the country
  • Educating the disability community on the importance of voting
  • Increasing the registration rate among voters with disabilities
Disability and Voter Turnout
Fact sheets and testimony:
The Arc: We've Got the Power Vote in 2012
Election Day 2012—it’s closer than you think! In this time of rapid change and challenges at all levels of government, the importance for action by people with intellectual & developmental disabilities (I/DD), their families, and everyone who cares about our issues, and to become engaged in the political process has never been more important.
The Arc is pleased to provide resources for advocates and community partners for the upcoming 2012 elections. As people who care about the dignity, civil rights and access for people with I/DD at all levels of society, it is our role to promote civic responsibility and participation in our democracy. The Arc is launching its “We’ve Got The Power!” campaign to amplify the voice of people with disabilities as active participants in the political process, and in their communities. Together with Nonprofit Vote, a nonpartisan organization focused on providing voter engagement tools and resources, The Arc is providing links to toolkits, checklists, and other important resources for those wishing to show our communities that “We’ve Got the Power!” It’s time to Make Our Mark in 2012!

Bazelon Center 2012 Voting Rights Guides

Highlighted Tools

Handouts and Flyers for Posting in Facilities and at Polls

Additional Resources

Below you will find links to voting with disabilities information from each state.


Voting Rights for People with Disabilities Handbook
Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program


State of Alaska: Voter Accessibility and Assistance Page
Alaska Disability Law Center


Just Vote Arizona Disability Coalition
Arizona Center for Disability Law


Arkansas Disability Coalition (ADC)
Disability Rights Center of Arkansas


California Secretary of State: Voters with Disabilities Page
Disability Rights California


HAVA and Voters with Disabilities FAQs
The Legal Center (Colorado Center for People with Disabilities and Older People)


Your Rights as a Voter with a Disability
Sus Derechos como Votante con una Incapacidad
Office of Protection & Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities


State of Delaware: Voters with Special Needs Page

District of Colombia

Vote It's Your Right Pamphlet


Disability Rights Florida - Voting Rights


Georgia Disability Vote Project
Georgia Advocacy Office - Bill of Voting Rights


State of Hawaii, Voters Requiring Special Assistance
Hawaii Disability Rights Center, Protection & Advocacy for Voter Access


Idaho Votes: Accessible Voting Options
Idaho Determined to Vote


Board of Elections Commissioners
Equip For Equality, Illinois Voting Rights Project


Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services
Indiana Disability Advocacy Coalition


Iowa Secretary of State: Voting Accessibility
Disability Rights Iowa, Protection & Advocacy for Voter Access


Disability Rights Center of Kansas
Get Ready to Vote in Kansas


Kentucky Protection and Advocacy: Your Voice, Your Vote
Kentucky's Office for the Americans with Disability Act: Disability Voting Information


Louisiana Secretary of State: Disabled and Elderly Voting
Louisiana Advocacy Center, Voting


Disability Rights Center, Protection & Advocacy of Voter Access
Disability Rights Center Maine


Maryland State Board of Elections: Polling Place Accessibility
AARP: Voting Rights Upheld for Mentally Disabled
Maryland Disability Law Center


Disability Law Center, Protection & Advocacy for Voter Access
Massachusetts Disabled Voters


Michigan Participation Project: Special Circumstances
Michigan Protection & Advocacy Services, Voter Rights


Minnesota Secretary of State: Assistance with Voting
Minnesota Legal Assistance, Voting Info


Disability Rights Mississippi: Every Vote Counts
League of Women Voters Mississippi


Vote Missouri: Voting Accessibility
Missouri Protection & Advocacy Services, PAVA
Disability Vote Project


Protection and Advocacy for Voter Access


Montana State Voters with Disabilities


Nebraska Vote: Your Right to Vote
Disability Rights Nebraska


Nevada Disability Advocacy and Law Center
Nevada Voters with Disabilities

New Hampshire

Disabilities Rights Center: Voting Rights
Disabilities Rights Center: Issues Area, Voting

New Jersey

New Jersey Voting Rights for Handicaps
Disability Rights New Jersey, Protection & Advocacy for Voter Access

New Mexico

New Mexico Secretary of State: Elections
Disability Rights New Mexico, Voting

New York

Center for an Accessible Society
New York Protection & Advocacy for Voter Access

North Carolina

Disability Rights North Carolina
North Carolina Task Force on Election Access

North Dakota

North Dakota Help America Vote Act
North Dakota Protection & Advocacy Project


Ohio Disability Vote Coalition
Ohio Legal Rights Service, Voting


Oklahoma Disability Law Center: Vote It's Your Right
Voter Assistance in Oklahoma


Lane County Oregon: Options for Voters with Special Needs
Disability Rights Oregon, Voting Access Project Pamphlet


The Disability Voting Coalition of PA
Important Dates, Disability Voting Coalition of PA

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Disability Law Center

South Carolina

South Carolina Disability Voting Coalition

South Dakota

South Dakota Secretary of State: HAVA Information
South Dakota Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities


Tennessee Disability Coalition
Disability Law & Advocacy Center of Tennessee, VOTE!


Texas Secretary of State: Services Available to Voters with Special Needs
Advocacy, Inc. Disability Rights Texas, Voting Rights


Utah Disability Law Center


Vermont Equal Access to Voting
Disability Rights Vermont, Protection & Advocacy for Voter Access


Virginia State Board of Elections: Voters with Special Needs
Virginia Office for Protection & Advocacy


Washington Secretary of State: Accessible Voting FAQs
Disability Rights Washington, Exercising the Right to Vote Pamphlet

West Virginia

West Virginia Secretary of State: Absentee Voting Reasons (Scroll down for special needs information)
West Virginia Advocates, People with Disabilities Vote Brochure


Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition
Wisconsin Disability Rights, Voting Rights
Developmental Disabilities Council


Wyoming Secretary of State: HAVA information
Wyoming Protection & Advocacy System

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