Thursday, January 19, 2012

Raising a Child with Down Syndrome: Advice and Resources

from Amy Julia Becker:

When our older daughter, Penny, was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth, it felt daunting to consider the medical, social, educational, and behavioral challenges ahead. I had no idea how much support and encouragement we would receive from family, friends, and the larger community of other parents with kids with Down syndrome, as well as from dedicated and caring therapists, teachers, and medical professionals. Although we have many years to come, and many lessons to learn as we parent Penny and our other children, here are a few pieces of advice that I and other parents of children with Down syndrome can offer.

It then includes 8 sections with suggestions within each:
  1. Learn the Facts First
  2. Get In Touch with Other Parents
  3. Organize Relevant Information
  4. Find Good Doctors, Therapists, and Specialists
  5. Put Together Your Village
  6. Remember Your Child is a Child First
  7. Prioritize Communication
  8. Focus on Your Child’s Strengths
Click here to read the whole article on How to Raise a Child with Down Syndrome: Advice and Resources.

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