Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adults With Down Syndrome Can Live Independently And Have A Satisfying Life

from WebWire:

Adults with Down syndrome are more able than ever to live independent lives. A detailed transition plan developed early in a child’s school years can be the key to success.

Many parents worry that their children with Down syndrome will never be able to be self-sufficient. But that is not necessarily the case. According to author Craig Kendall, "Young adults with Down syndrome can work. They often live on their own with some help, and some even get married. A transition plan can make all the difference" The best time for parents to develop a transition plan is before their loved one leaves school.

According to Craig Kendall, co-author of "How to Live, Love and Succeed with Down Syndrome" parents should develop a transition plan a year or so before their your loved one leaves school. Every person with Down syndrome is different, of course, so no two life courses will be the same. Kendall recommends that at least a year before a child is getting ready to leave school, the parents meet with school officials and try to develop a transition plan for them.

"You will want to consider several things" says Kendall. "Do you think your child is able to work? Young adults with Down syndrome can hold a variety of jobs, for example, working in restaurants" The article How to Live Independently and Have a Satisfying Life for Adults With Down Syndrome, states that many Down syndrome adults lead an independent life; and new types of jobs are creating opportunities that never existed before. According to the web site http://www.downsyndromehope.com/, living life independently is possible as long as parents follow some basic steps.

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