Sunday, March 16, 2014

Is it ok to date someone with Down syndrome?

  • I dont mean socially i could give a crap less about if someone doesnt think its cool. I mean is it like healthy? I dont understand down syndrome too too much besides they act a like... Well off. Is it even safe? Like could the emotions that come with a relationship be dangerous because i know some cases they have distrorted sense of right and wrong. And if they broke up? For unseen reasons could that emotionsl toll be deadly
    If not dangerous?
Answer: I have two children with Down Syndrome and I assure you that they will date and also hopefully get married! They are caring and loving and also able to take care of them selves. If they had a breakup they would be sad just like anyone else. Time heals just the same. Having children if you were to marry is an issue you will have to address. Also since individuals with Down Syndrome take longer to grasp things you will need patience. See our site to see videos of these great heros. They own businesses. Go to college and so much more


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