Sunday, February 2, 2014

Documentary describes the events surrounding Ethan Saylor’s death and the actions taken by Gov. O’Malley of Maryland.

by Ed Rhodes from
Ethan Saylor son of Patricia and Ronald, brother to Emma and Adam had a passion for everything good guy.
On January 12th 2013 Ethan and his aide attended a screening of Zero Dark Thirty at the Regal Cinemas in Frederick MD. After the movie was over Ethan was waiting for his aide to pull the car around. Ethan decided he wanted to stay for a second viewing and walked back into the theatre. After Ethan was approached by the theatres management, security was called and asked to remove Ethan from the theatre because he had not bought a ticket for the second show. Three Frederick county sheriffs moonlighting as security guards responded and through their negligent behavior, lack of training and patience Ethan would soon lay dead on the theatre floor.
A grand jury decided the deputies would not be criminally charged. No one thinks they meant to kill Ethan, but what happened can't be changed or fixed. What we can change is how to prevent this from happening again.
Through our investigation and interviewing of Ethan’s family, Law Enforcement officials and Ethan’s aide we have begun to piece together the story of Ethan’s death and what needs change in order to help prevent another tragedy.
Help us share Ethan’s story in the best format possible. Due to budget we began shooting in Standard definition. We need your help to pay for the process to "upres" the footage to High Definition and cover the entry fees to film festivals so that we can reach the largest audience possible. With the amount of content we shot the price of "upressing" that footage will cost thousands of dollars. The average entry fee to film festivals is around $100. They more money we raise the more people will see the movie. Thank you in advance for your donation to help produce our Documentary.
Our concern is the lack of continuity between images shot on Standard Definition and High Definition. These variables affect the viewing experience and marketability of the film. We want consistency between scenes. Jumping back and forth between different resolutions is distracting to the viewer. We want to avoid confusion and although the story stands on its own, film production is esthetically driven and having different types of footage improperly mixed together does not always work well. We are asking for money to upres the footage. A process that will turn our Standard Definition footage into High definition footage. We want to do this the best way possible, either buying equipment or sending it off will cost over $4,000. We also need funding to enter film festivals over the next two years. The average entry fee is $100. If we reach our goal we will be able to enter at least 35 major festivals including Sundance, LAFF and SXSW.

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