Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It’s Official: Teen With Down Syndrome Signs Contract With The 76ers

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Bucks County teen who became an internet sensation after his amazing performance on the basketball court signed a ceremonial contract with the Philadelphia 76ers.
The 76ers announced that they would sign Bensalem High School senior Kevin Grow to a two-day contract Monday.
The contract was offered in-person by Sixers President of Basketball Operations & General Manager Sam Hinkie at the team’s practice facility.
Grow, who has Down syndrome, had been a team manager for the Bensalem boys basketball team for four years. But it’s what he did on senior night on the court that’s garnering all of the attention.
Kevin got to play, and when he did, he made magic happen.
“They put him in for the last two minutes and he started hitting three point shots and couldn’t miss,” Kevin’s mom said.
Kevin hit four 3-pointers in the last two minutes of the game to help beat Neshaminy 64-40.
Overnight, Grow became an internet sensation.
The 76ers made the big signing on Monday evening, as Grow was inked to a two-day ceremonial contract.
Sixers Head Coach Brett Brown seemed to warm up to his newest player pretty quick.
Brown – “Can you play defense?”
Kevin – “I can play defense, yes.”
Brown – “I know you can shoot, but you can play defense too?”
Kevin – “Yeah.”
Brown – “I say we give him a three-day contract.”
With that, Kevin signed on the dotted line and was handed his practice uniform. But before he could hit the floor, Coach Brown let the inspiring teen know that the team needed his help.
Brown – “You’re going to teach our young guys how to hold your follow through, and how to shoot like you shoot.”
Kevin – “Okay.”
Brown – “Can you do that?”
Kevin – “Yeah.”
Brown – “I know you can. We welcome you to the team man. Thank you for coming.”
Kevin – “Thank you so much.”
Grow then got to spend the night eating with his new teammates, touring the facilities, and on the floor for practice with the team. Grow’s mother, Dorothy, says the whole experience has been surreal.
“It was very emotional when the coach said that he was actually going to suit him up for the games. To us, that was the culmination of Kevin being the manager for four years. That was great, you know, we were happy with that, and the fact that it’s evolved to this. We still can’t believe it.”
Kevin’s father, Earl, was in awe of the response Kevin’s story has gotten, and thanked the Bensalem community for spreading his story through social media.
“This doesn’t happen five years ago. I don’t think so. To see everyone share in the moment, it stirs your emotions.”
Kevin’s experience as a 76er doesn’t end there. Tuesday night, he gets to take part in pre-game warm-ups with the Sixers before they tip-off against the Cleveland Cavaliers at 7 p.m. Kevin will also be joined by his high school teammates to take the court for a special presentation during a timeout in the game.
The Harlem Globetrotters are also planning to honor Kevin in the near future with their Junior Phenom Award. He’ll be there special guest, and recognized at the team’s 2014 #FansRule game in Philadelphia on March 5th.

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