Monday, December 10, 2012

Colorado high school basketball player with Down Syndrome hits 3-pointer

by Ben Chew from NBC

Sometimes, the world of sports can provide heart-warming stories and this one about Golden High School’s (Col.) Scotty Lubkeman is one of those stories.

The story first begins with his older brother Brad Lubkeman who was a star for Golden in the mid-2000′s and eventually was the inspiration for Scotty to join the school’s freshman and varsity basketball teams. Prior to the three pointer, Golden head basketball coach John Anderson provided a prophetic comment in a 2009 interview about Scotty:

“The dream is not to score a basket in a freshman game. The complete dream is that he’s going to play varsity some day and score.” Anderson said.
Last weekend, the 5’9 senior guard with Down Syndrome has his moment in the sun in a game against D’Evelyn High. With less than fifteen seconds to go in the game, Anderson subbed in Scotty to give him a chance to score in the waning moments of the game.
After a free throw, Scotty got the ball from his teammates and lined up an open three pointer with less than three seconds remaining which he drained:

After the game, Scotty’s teammate Nolan Holmes spoke about what Scotty means to the team:

“We love Scotty,” said Holmes. “We have been teammates since our freshman year, so we have really grown up together. The biggest thing for us is he can really shoot the ball, so we we’re glad he got in a varsity game and hit the big three-pointer.”

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