Tuesday, December 11, 2012

teachmetotalk.com’s Christmas Therapy Guide is now for sale!

I’m launching a brand new feature here on teachmetotalk.com with the release of our very first Therapy Guide just in time for Christmas.
What’s a Therapy Guide?

teachmetotalk.com’s Therapy Guide consists of two components for helping you learn to work with a young child with a language delay or disorder.
First you’ll receive access to an instructive video. In this 50 minute video I’ll walk you through many, many ideas for using 6 different toys and activities based on holiday themes. I’ll teach you exactly what to say to engage a toddler or young preschooler, target new play and cognitive skills, and teach new language skills. I’ll discuss and demonstrate several activities for each toy providing practical application tips to increase your effectiveness and make sure you know what you’re doing!

You’ll also get a comprehensive written treatment plan (This one is 16 pages!) to pair with the activities demonstrated on the video. In the written guide you’ll find a list of suggested goals, materials, instructions, and strategies to make this a productive learning opportunity for both the child and you! Each activity lists 5 to 10 goals for targeting social, cognitive, both receptive and expressive language, and perhaps even speech intelligibility skills in very young children.
This information is appropriate for use by speech-language pathologists, committed parents and grandparents, occupational and developmental therapists, early intervention and preschool teachers, and other professionals who work with toddlers with language delays and developmental concerns.

Like several of my other projects, the Christmas Therapy Guide is written in a homework format and may be copied and shared with families during sessions. It’s a fantastic parent and caregiver training tool for SLPs and other therapists who work in early intervention.

The Christmas Therapy Guide is $19.99.
To purchase now, select Christmas Therapy Guide from the product list by going to www.shop.teachmetotalk.com. PayPal is a payment option.

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