Monday, October 15, 2012

Optometrist Says 90 Percent of People With Down Syndrome Suffer Eye Diseases

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An optometrist, Dr Ogechi Nwokedi, said on Wednesday in Lagos that 90 per cent of people with Down syndrome suffer several eye conditions.
Nwokedi said this at an international seminar entitled: "Unique with a Difference" organised by the Down Syndrome Foundation of Nigeria.
"Most people with Down syndrome are at risk of suffering from eyesight problem.
"The most common ones include astigmatism, cataracts, long-sightedness, myopia, strabismus and refractive errors," she said.
Nwokedi urged parents and caregivers to take their children to eye doctor to prevent loss of sight.
She said that most of the visual problems could be treated easily and effectively with the wearing of eye glasses.
"Occasionally, surgery may, however, be required," she said, stressing that people with Down syndrome deserved and have a right to sight like everybody else.
Nwokedi also stressed the need for people to maintain good hygiene at all times, noting that everybody, able or disabled, has a right to good eye sight and examination.
"Nobody is too disabled to have an eye examination; people living with disabilities have a right to sight like everyone else."

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