Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just Like You–Down Syndrome: A Big Message in 13 Minutes

By Abby Eden of Fox 4 KC:
The movie is called Just Like You-Down Syndrome. It’s the third in a series of Just Like You Films, made in the metro that aims to educate others about a unique situation. The latest focuses on Down Syndrome.
Hundreds of fans lined up Monday night, waiting to see the stars of the movie. What emerged weren’t the pouting faces of starlets, but the glowing faces of teenagers on a mission.
“I just wanted to encourage others to be friends with someone who has Down Syndrome because it really is a life-changing experience,” said Bobby Engen.
These best friends wanted to tell other people what it’s like to be a teenager with Down Syndrome. They’re spreading the message with the help of Just Like You films and the Down Syndrome Guild.
“The mission of Just Like You Films is to educate kids and other kids about unique circumstances that they may not otherwise know about,” said Jen Greenstreet, owner of Just Like You Films.
Their 13-minute film is expected to be shown across the country, even the world, and they’re enjoying their first night as movie stars.
“It’s amazing,” said Elyssa Schmitz.
It all started with the story of six best friends who decided to tell the world how much they’re “just like you”.  The funding for the movie came from private donations. It took two years to make.

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