Sunday, May 1, 2011

Buddy Cruise "The Soul Know No Bounds" Winner

The Soul Knows No Bounds Winner: Bradford Hennefer!

Brad Hennefer is living proof that society's "boundaries" can't hold him back. He is the first person with Down syndrome to play on two high school varsity sports--golf and basketball. He is also the inspiration for the "Brad Hennefer Golf for Life Foundation" which provides golf opportunities for indivdiuals with Down syndrome.

Brad was a keynote speaker at the NDSC 2006 conference and continues to conduct workshops for the NDSC each year. He was featured in the national media on Good Morning America, Sports Illustrated, New York Times and all three major TV networks. Brad also has stories published about him in "Chicken Soup for the Soul Inside Basketball" and "Gifts 2."

Brad holds two jobs--one for Wegmans, which is ranked by Formes Magazine as the 2nd best employer in the U.S., and the other job is with Aramark. His heart and "soul" are truly an inspiration to those who hear him speak as he shares is message that "While the Destination is Important, the Journey is the Ultimate Reward." It would be an honor for Brad to share his journey on the Buddy Cruise.

For further information, just google "Brad Hennefer" or refer to Golf for Life.

YOU can meet "Soul Knows No Bounds Self-Advocate" Brad Hennefer, October 16-23, on board Buddy Cruise 2011 where he will share his incredible journey.

Call 1-877-BDY-CRUZ #3 to reserve your cabin.
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