Friday, May 20, 2011

Miss You Can Do It Pageant

The Annual Miss You Can Do It Pageant is a national non-profit pageant created just for girls and women with special needs and challenges and a whole new world that opens just one night a year. A world where wishing on stars and dreaming big is an every day event, and a world where everyone has an equal opportunity. It's a world where there are no need for special education classes because all you have to do is ask for help and you've got it, a world where every dream has the possibility of becoming a reality.

The first pageant was in 2004, and those who witnessed the beginning could not have possibly anticipated the incredible growth the Miss You Can Do It Pageant has achieved. This competition puts its contestants on a memorable path, this experience leaves them with great memories, strong friendships, and a defining sense of accomplishment. This surreal night is a once in a lifetime experience!

This pageant was created as a stepping stone for girls and women with special needs and challenges, so that they realize if you truly believe in yourself, ANY DREAM CAN COME TRUE! And they will leave this pageant with an abundance of self confidence that will live far past this magical evening.


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