Thursday, May 19, 2011

Robin Trocki's Glee

Her loving smile, warm heart and words of wisdom are shown on the FOX show GLEE.
And the same rings true in real life. Robin Trocki plays Jean Sylvester on the show. She also has Down Syndrome.

Recently she visited Lima with her sister to meet and greet some fans who can relate to her on a personal level. The actress came to Marimor Industries in Lima, OH to let everyone know she's on GLEE, but honestly, everyone already knew.

"I love this," Trocki said. "This is fun. I love this." Trocki was in Lima, Ohio - ground zero for the FOX TV hit show GLEE, a familiar, exciting place.

"To see what Robin has accomplished in her life is so inspiring, for all of us," said Esther Baldridge of Marimor Industries, a private, non-profit corporation which provides training and employment for people in Allen County with developmental disabilities. They took a break in their work day to welcome Robin and her sister, Sharon Miller. Many were even watching GLEE when she walked in the door. Trocki was in awe.

"For me this has been an incredible experience," Miller said. "When Robin was born, in the 1950s, and at that time there was no thought that anything like this could ever happen, the doctors told my parents that she would never be able to learn anything, never really be able to do anything. Robin has spent her life proving those doctors wrong." Now she's an actress.

Jean Sylvester on GLEE is one of the only people Sue Sylvester shows her soft side, and Trocki has much love for her costar. "Jane Lynch helps me with my lines," she said.

Miller, her real-life sister, couldn't be more proud. "She has pretty much done everything she has set out to do," Miller said. "She's really someone who has followed her dreams, and worked hard."

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