Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jane Lynch's comments on Glee's Funeral Episode


Last night’s episode of Glee, fittingly titled “Funeral,” featured the shocking death of Sue Sylvester’s beloved sister Jean, played by actress Robin Trocki.

EW managed to talk to star Jane Lynch yesterday at Fox’s upfronts and she admitted that the hour was a tough one to film. “People with down syndrome rarely last past 30,” says Lynch. “Robin is 55. So this really hit home. Her sister is there with her all the time, Sharon. They have a very tight relationship. So it was very bittersweet. The funeral was awful [to shoot] with the kid’s singing ‘Pure Imagination.’ It was really rough and I will miss her very much. I love working with Robin!”

Co-creator/executive producer Ryan Murphy made sure Lynch was comfortable with the plot twist before moving forward with it. Says Lynch, “He took me aside at a party and said ‘I want your blessing on this before we move forward.’ I said, ‘It sounds like a really great storyline.’ It’s the thing that will break Sue Sylvester’s heart and get to where she lives.”


  1. I didn't like the music on this episode of Glee, but I loved the funeral. It had my husband and I both smiling and crying at the same time. Wondrful story line. Thanks for adding this to the show. More young people should watch this show. Our son is now 30. We are so blessed to have Josh in our lives. Again, thank you for this show. susan in New Jersey

  2. I'm sorry.....but her comment that people with Down Syndrome rarely live past the age of 30 is an EXTREMELY ignorant and uneducated one. People with Down Syndrome live well into their 50's and 60's now. I'm happy that she enjoyed working with an actress with Down Syndrome, but educate yourself before you make a stupid comment like that:/.

  3. While I agree with the above response to the age thing, I am happy to see Down syndrome being portrayed the way it is being shown on Glee. Its in a positive way. A way that shows the truth of our children. "Becky" is like any other high school student. She has a personality, she has motivations, character and even attitude. No one is perfect. And while they should get their facts straight, the fact that they are doing a character who has Ds at all is fantastic. As a mother of a child who has Ds I was filled more with joy watching the episodes with Becky and the older sister in it than anything else. I commented out loud that they were wrong on the age statistics but over all they added these characters in with class and gave them dignity while doing it.

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