Saturday, December 27, 2014

Down Syndrome Academy growth spurs expansion

Down Syndrome Academy growth spurs expansion
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The Down Syndrome Academy announced expansion of their post-High School educational and vocational facility for students with Down syndrome, increasing classroom capacity from 30 to 50 students.
The Down Syndrome Academy opened its doors in January 2014, and has seen steady growth as families seek much more than just a special needs day program.In attributing the Academy’s growth, founder and President Rosa Rocha says, “our unique curriculum endeavors to build on their High School education so they can reach their academic potential and apply it to a fulfilling work and social life. The social programs also help students and families navigate the tough transition to adulthood within a friendly and supportive community.”
To gain this success, the Down Syndrome Academy is meeting the needs of the Down syndrome community by building on two cornerstone initiatives:
• Utilize an experienced and energetic group of teachers to build strong rapport with students and create a meaningful, customized curriculum
• Pursue solutions to address the needs of families in the Houston community regarding resources, vocational training, and housing.
The Down Syndrome Academy looks forward to building for the future by meeting the needs of the families today. The Down Syndrome Academy welcomes new members by visiting their website at or calling the Academy at 281-989-0345.
About the Down Syndrome Academy
The Down Syndrome Academy is part of the Friends of Down Syndrome, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization located just off US290 and I-610 in Houston, Texas. The Down Syndrome Academy provides year round programs five days a week in pursuit of its mission “to create lifelong education and learning opportunities for teens and adults with Down syndrome through education, socialization, and community outreach.”


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