Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Local trainer pays goodness forward

from local 12 WKRC CBS Cincinnati:
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- A local fitness specialist who has quite a story to tell is now helping others in a very unique way.

Josh Harris, a person trainer, said, "I was 335 pounds and I was struggling with addictions and all kinds of stuff that were negatives. I was able to turn it around. I lost 165 pounds and that's how I ended up here."

Hard to believe when you look at Josh now that he used to look very different. How's he doing now?

"I am great, I am great. Life is good; God is good," Josh told Local 12.

Josh made a decision recently he would pay that goodness forward in a very unique way. He launched a personal training program at no charge to those with special needs. That's how Josh met Chad.

Chad Meyer said, "He helps me learn nutrition, and how to use the machines."

"Chad just came in here and he gave his best. And he just continually gives his best week in and week out," Josh said.

Part of the reason that Josh chose to work with students like Chad was because of a personal story. It was because of a personal little girl who's very important to him. That little girl is Josh's daughter. She was born with Down Syndrome. She was the reason, he said, he turned his life around and the reason he chose to launch the training program for those with special needs.

For Chad, "It makes me feel much stronger than I used to be," he said.

Josh said it makes him feel stronger than he used to be too. More importantly it keeps him stronger by keeping him focused on the things and people that matter most.

If you would like to refer someone with special needs to Josh's training program you can call 513-551-9579 or CLICK HERE.

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