Friday, January 17, 2014

Vatican Radio's newest intern

from Vatican Radio:
Vatican Radio’s English section is proud to introduce our newest intern, Michael Gannon. The Director of Vatican Radio’s English Section, Sean-Patrick Lovett, first met Michael at the “Think Different, Think Europe” event hosted by Vatican Radio last May. It is a project associated with the Europe for Citizenship programme for the EU, and brought together citizens from different EU countries who have Down Syndrome. It was there that Michael suggested an internship at the Radio. Michael is the first person with Down Syndrome to do an internship at any Vatican office.

We have asked him to tell us more about himself. Listen: RealAudioMP3

My aims for this week

Hey folks this is Michael Gannon here. Just to introduce myself to one and all: I am from Ireland, I have lived in Kildare all my life. I have one brother and one sister and myself and my parents. We are out-going, we do different things together like celebrating Christmas, New Year, we support Kilkenny in the hurling and follow Kildare in the football and I support Manchester United
The one thing that you need to know is that I am a very hard worker myself. And keep very busy in what I do.

I have just started in Vatican radio this morning. What I found most interesting is to work in radio and what it means to work with a team. I have had a tour around the radio station and seen different places and how radio works. I was also introduced to different people who work in different stages in radio. My work friends with me are very nice to be with they are wonderful to work with, they can be very funny and lot of humour as well. I hope in my two weeks here in Rome to get to know them very well like making lots of new friends here.

My first impression of Vatican Radio when I arrived this morning was that I wanted to work with Sean Patrick and his team. Because they all work together with me and the way that I work I like to talk to people and show them what I can do. In my two weeks in Rome I will show them my experience and also give them something that they never knew they had: the best gift of all.

My challenge this week for me is to make a power point presentation about my time and working with media and Down Syndrome Ireland, and about being a student as well, about Maynooth college for radio. I would like to share some of my experience with everyone here in work: life can be easy, life can be full of the joys of spring with friends and family. That is all I want in life and nothing more than that. Life can also mean to celebrate what life is about and also it comes true like a dream that came true and for everyone around you.

My aim for my week in Rome is to find out more about myself and to share in everything that I do and my belief in the message of the Gospel.

Michael Gannon singing off

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