Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Next Chapter Book Club

from The Next Chapter Book Club (NCBC):

The Next Chapter Book Club (NCBC) offers weekly opportunities for people with developmental disabilities (DD) to read and learn together, talk about books, and make friends in a relaxed, community setting.  A program of The Ohio State University Nisonger Center, NCBC was established in June 2002 to provide adolescents and adults with DD – regardless of reading ability – the chance to be members of a book club.  NCBC has become the preeminent program of its kind.  Today there are NCBC programs in over 100 cities across North America and Europe.

Individual Next Chapter Book Clubs usually consist of five to eight people with disabilities and two volunteer facilitators, some of whom also have disabilities.  The clubs meet in local bookstores, caf├ęs, and similar gathering places to read aloud and discuss a book for one hour each week.  Much like members of any other book club, NCBC members choose the book they want to read and howthey would like to structure their club.  NCBC members read adapted classic novels (i.e. Little Women and Treasure Island) as well as current, popular literature.

Get Involved in the Next Chapter Book Club
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Jot It Down is a writing club for adults and adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Following the model of the Next Chapter Book Club, Jot It Down promotes social interaction and full community inclusion for its members. Members of Jot It Down work individually and collaboratively to write stories, poems, letters, MadLibs, and other projects.

Chapters Ahead, Inc. is a nonprofit organization providing training, consultation, and a variety of materials to promote lifetime learning, social interaction, and full community participation for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are particularly interested in developing practical strategies and solutions that allow persons with disabilities to become valued and productive members of the community. Chapters Ahead grew from our experience developing and disseminating the Next Chapter Book Club, an internationally recognized literacy program for adolescents and adults with disabilities.

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