Monday, April 30, 2012

Max is king at high school prom

from KSN 3:

Max Jackowski of Lake George, New York has not stopped dancing since Saturday and really why should he?
He is after all the Lake George junior-senior high school's new ordained prom king, Down's syndrome and all.
When max's name was called, students and staff quickly rose to give him a standing ovation.
"I just started to cry it was joyful it was exciting, and honestly it's kind of a blur," said Lisa Jackoski,
Max’s mother.
Not only did max win, he won big. 
Eighty percent of the votes went to him.
It was an amazing and almost surreal end to a school year or years that haven't always been easy for a boy with special needs and his family.
"They not only made max so happy, i mean, they really reached deep inside and i think they made this decision with their heart." said max’s mother.
It's not however Max's peers' hearts that earned him this title, it was his.

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