Tuesday, July 22, 2014

App: Gross Motor Skills for Children with Down Syndrome Mobile Companion

by Woodbine House:
This singularly unique app provides a mechanism by which parents and therapists of children with Down syndrome may catalog and track the progress a child is making in gaining the skills recommended in the 'Gross Motor Skills for Children with Down syndrome' book, authored by Patricia Winders.

As parents and therapists of children with Down syndrome, we understand that the pace at which they grow, learn, and develop varies greatly from that of typical children. Indeed, even within the Down syndrome population each child learns at their own unique pace. Personality, capability, motivation, health, and environment all cause us to adapt our thinking and techniques for caring for these wonderful children. As such, typical "Baby Trackers" and "Milestone Loggers" are often far too rigid and quickly fail to be flexible enough to accommodate the unique challenges presented to parents of special needs children. For example, typical trackers provide early development milestones and suggestions that quickly fall short of the "extra mile" we must go as care givers to ensure our children will achieve their highest potential.

This app takes into consideration the above challenges by providing skill appropriate activities drawn directly from the Gross Motor Skills Book, and logging and scrapbooking capabilities that helps remind us that the hard work, love, and persistence is paying dividends. Motor Skills Ds deliberately avoids setting specific timelines or flagging milestone delays as most typical trackers do, and instead focuses on positive ways to improve your child's abilities by taking advantage of their strengths, and celebrates each achievement that other trackers take for granted.

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