Friday, October 28, 2011

Adelaide's tragic role in the Halloween episode of American Horror Story

from Entertainment Weekly:


The first half of American Horror Story‘s Halloween episodes, discussed in EW’s cover story on the FX hit, aired this evening and jolted viewers wtih the shocking death of Adelaide (Jamie Brewer). Struck by a car while trick or treating as a “pretty girl,” Adelaide died despite her mother Contance (Jessica Lange) attempting to carry her body onto the Harmon property.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I think the biggest shock is that Addy is killed off. Why do that?RYAN MURPHY: Well, I think it was very important to the Jessica Lange character and you’ll see coming up, once her beloved child is taken away, she needs another child in her life, and the question is, Will that be Vivian’s child? And I also love the commentary that the writers came up with that only in death does Jessica Lange and the other characters realize that this girl was beautiful all along and, in fact, a very pretty girl. I love what that says about the world and I thought it was very powerful.

Is Addy definitely gone or will we see her ghost?  No, I think she was dead before she got to the spot (Harmon property).

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