Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pujols Family Foundation's annual prom

from KSDK:

While Albert Pujols took the field tonight, kids with down syndrome took to the dance floor in Chesterfield. It was the Pujols Family Foundation's annual prom.

It was the night guest had been waiting for: the red carpet, the dresses, the photos.

"This is like the awesome amazing night ever," said Kathleen Mertz.

"This party's going down," said Ethan Schroeder.

And was it ever. From the first song, the dancing never stopped except for the occasional baseball update.

The band did a little play by play announcing tonight. That way, even though Albert Pujols couldn't be here, everyone got to keep tabs on exactly how he was doing.

"Everybody here understands, I mean Albert has this day job," said Director of the Pujols Family Foundation Todd Perry.

"He's playing a game tonight and we're having a prom. And we're all rooting for him," said Megan Leighton.

So while Albert Pujols couldn't be there in person, prom guests did plenty of celebrating in his honor.

"I just hope it will be the best night for Albert's life to beat the Brewers and go all the way," said Scott Carron.

"We'll be checking on the score. And I'm sure he'll be thinking about us too," said parent Karen Cunningham.

The guests cheered on the Cardinals with each score update and they made some prom memories.

And while it was a big night at Busch Stadium, it seemed like a win here too, courtesy of the Pujols family.

"Thank you so much for this wonderful evening, wonderful night and thank you for your kind hearts," Leighton.

Albert Pujols and his wife, Deidre, have a child with Down Syndrome, though she's not quite old enough for the prom. The event is for people 16 and up.

About 500 people attended the prom this year.

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