Thursday, August 11, 2011

vote for Reece’s Rainbow in the Classy Awards

In only 5 years, Reece’s Rainbow has found  “forever families” for more than 500+ orphans with Down syndrome and other special needs….*entirely* in the cyber world and through the exclusive use of social media.

Our website, parent blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and our new Iphone Apps have completely changed the dynamics of this ministry and our ability to raise awareness for these children!

FIVE HUNDRED CHILDREN are home and living the life they deserve to live, while 500 more are still waiting on our site.

Winning the Classy Awards will bring tremendous awareness and exposure for the rest of our waiting children and adopting families, who are all in need of grant donations. As we go into Buddy Walk season and our Christmas Angel Tree Project, this visibility will be critical to that life-saving success in 2011. Reece’s Rainbow is not just a charity…we have grown into a  movement that visually shares the blessing of Down syndrome and special needs across the DS community in the US and worldwide. Each and every adoption makes a global statement…proof of the potential and value of these children…evidence of what families will be missing out on if they terminate their pregnancies…

The need is great, but the opportunity to serve and change the world is even greater…and ACHIEVABLE….with your vote

Please pass on, post on your Facebook and blogs, we only have 3 short weeks of voting left and a monumental opportunity to raise RR to the next level!

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