Saturday, March 5, 2011

Down TV

What is Down TV?

Down TV is an interactive video sharing website that covers a wide selection of themes all related to Trisomie 21 or Down’s syndrome. The result is a wide range of videos that try to answer most of the questions we have on Down’s Syndrome.

To upload videos on Down TV, first you need to have an account on in a video sharing website such as You Tube, Vimeo, and Dalealplay/

Upload a video from your account.
Watch it on your explorer and copy the [embed /] tag.
  • For Example in Youtube, you must click on the "Insert" button below to the right of the video. It will open a window with the video embed code highlighted in blue. Copy and paste it into the corresponding place in Down TV.

Go to the Publish video section in DownTV.
Fill in the form and paste the Embed code of your video on the proper tag. And… that’s all! In a few days you will see your video on Down TV!

Down TV is brought to you by Invest for Children with help from other advocacy organizations.  Invest for children (i4c) is a nonprofit international organization whose mission is to help disabled children and young adults achieve a better quality of life.

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